No fear of scousers, but definite fear of injuries

With yesterday’s games concluding without any surprises between Liverpool/Southampton and Newcastle/Moneychester City, you’d be forgiven for feeling that there is little comfort to take in two rivals picking up all three points, as well as a third probably getting off the mark this evening. But I am choosing to look for some anyway, so I’m looking squarely in the direction of Suarezless Liverpool, who certainly didn’t deserve to pick up all points in their 2-1 victory.

There was a similarity between score lines between their result and ours on Saturday, but that is where the comparisons stop, because our performance was markedly better than that of the scousers. That’s not to say we performed well – we know we just about got the job done against a dogged Palace side – but Liverpool completely rode their luck at times yesterday. So much so that I must admit to thinking that Southampton would be involved in a relegation fight this season with all their departures, but if Koeman gets his players playing like that each week, then he has little to worry about.

I said it yesterday on Twitter and I’ll say it again: this Liverpool team without Suarez do not scare me as much, as they are two of three injuries away from some problems in their team I think.

As for us, well, we’re used to ‘two or three injuries’ anyway, so it was perhaps not a surprise to find out that Koscienly is a doubt for the trip to Turkey after picking up a knock on Saturday, as well as Kieran Gibbs who limped off during the Palace game. I don’t know about you, but Gibbs I am less worried about with Monreal able to cover and also performing really well on Saturday, but Koscienly is a concern. Arsene admitted that Per might have to be bought in a little sooner than he would have liked, which whilst not ideal is some comfort, but it does make you wonder why we didn’t have an instant Vermaelen replacement lined up. I know that sometimes transfers take time (well, with Arsenal they always seem to, anyway) but I would have thought we’d have bought one in as soon as we knew Vermaelen was offski. Perhaps with his injury there was a question on whether he would pass his medical at the Catalan club, which is why Arsene held fire, but I would have thought a player could have been sounded out instantly and although they may not have been 100% ready, we could have them already in by now.

There’s still talk about Manolas joining, medicals already being completed, blah-blah-blah, but this won’t now affect the squad taking the trip out to play in Istanbul so we just have to make do for this game at least. Hopefully Kos’ injury doesn’t turn out to be a long-term issue.

Injuries have long plagued our ability to go the distance in league competitions of years past, as well as fighting on multiple fronts, so my fear is that we’re already starting off on the wrong foot at this early stage of the season. It’s nobodies fault, I don’t believe anyway, but it is something that could derail us if we get another one of those injury league table topping seasons.

It’s probably why transfer rumours will inevitably continue right up until the end of the month, which is what we can expect in this sensationalist world we live in these days, but it sounds as though Arsenal are closing in on the young lad Rabiot from PSG and Vargas from Napoli.

I know nothing of these two players, but it sounds as if they are young players being bought in to add a bit of depth to the team. We’ll see how much of the speculation becomes fact over the next ten days or so. There’s no doubt that we need more bodies in certain positions, but they need to be bodies of quality and not just young players that Arsene is taking punts on. No more Amaury Bischoffs, but more Patrick Vieira’s would be handy, so we’ll wait to see whether Arsene opts for a more polished diamond, or one that he can work on a bit.

We all know he likes a rough one to work on, but after the clear difference between Giroud and Sanogo on Saturday, don’t we want to be seeing and established player come in to fight Per/Laurent and Arteta/Flamini for those roles where we are a little short? I know we have to take into account squad harmony and the sheer volume of players we already have on the books, but we don’t want to have a situation like the one we’ve got at the moment with our centre-halfs, so I’m hoping that we bring in the quality needed. After all, nobody really wants to see Chelski win the league, do they? And Moneychester City won it last season, so for the sake of variety, we owe it to the wider footballing community to blow away all opposition this season.

That’s that from me today. See thee in the morrow.

Unpredictability, passion, dreams and loss

The unpredictability of the league that you and I watch every week was there for all the world to see yesterday as Liverpool conceded a trio of relatively late goals to all but sink their hopes of picking up their nineteenth title. It’s why we have – no mistake about it – the best league in the world. We can’t pertain to have the best couple of players in the world, but for entertainment factor, you can’t beat it. How a Crystal Palace team with the cushion of mid table mediocrity, could scupper a Liverpool team that we’re bulldozing their way to making the league one with another teams name etched to the bottom, is beyond me. Like I say: it’s an entertaining league.

Unless you’re one of those fans at the top like Liverpool fans this morning. We know how they feel, because we’ve been there before. We’ve seen The Arsenal implode and we have held our heads in our hands. Heck, we could still see it this season when we take on Hull in the FA Cup final, so I’m sure you’ll join me in not counting your chickens this morning – however tempting it may be. Hopefully they’ll be no Arsenal fans furiously signing off ‘FA Cup winners 2014′ T-Shirts unless the trophy is being held aloft above Vermaelen/Arteta’s head come the evening of 17th May.

I personally feel sorry for the British media and ‘professional pundits’ nationwide. Littered with scousers and ex-Liverpool players, the infiltration of pro-Liverpool ‘experts’ is evident with every news outlet you turn to. The narrative had been set as early as February: Liverpool were to be crowned the Fairytale champions in what I’ve already heard being described by one ex-player as ‘the greatest league win of all time’. Of course, being an Arsenal fan, I would hotly contest that, what with a dramatic last-ditch victory at Anfield 25 years ago or an unbeaten season ten years passed. But hey, we’re not that famous old club on the Mersey with the greatest players, greatest fans, greatest managers, greatest history, greatest stadium, greatest songs, blah-blah-blah-di-blah.

The best thing about winning the Premier League – or any division – is that over the course of nine months the best team will win it and with the resources at their disposal it’s hard not to argue that Moneychester City are the best team.

Speaking of which, how about those rumours coming out that Moneychester City are still not agreed on the sanctions that UEFA have said they will oppose on them.

Sorry, what? I’m sorry you’re honour, can I just clarify what you just said? You just said that even though I broke into somebodies house, stole their car keys and drove their Aston Martin Vantage into a wall whilst perfecting the action hero ‘jump out of a moving car before it explodes’ trick, you want me to choose my punishment? Well, I think I’ll choose a minimum sentence in a minimum security prison with full Sky TV privileges, a PlayStation4 and the opportunity to leave the confines of the prison every day if I so choose. Thanks.

Financial Fair Play ladies and gentlemen. Being made a mockery before it’s even begun *slow hand clap towards the direction of UEFA in Switzerland*.

Anyway, what of Arsenal? Well, Abou Diaby has spoken about being in the first team fold, hoping that he gets a final outing on the last match of the season. With the match being a dead-rubber from an Arsenal perspective, I’d expect Arsene to rotate a wee bit, so would certainly think that Diaby should be given an outing. He has already talked to L’Quipe about this current absence being the longest of his career and whilst I sympathise for him, with an injury record like his, it’s not going to get any easier for his body to recover. He’s 28 years old but to all intents and purposes should probably have the body of a 40 year old and it’s for that reason that his comments about the World Cup may be the naive musings of a dreamer, I don’t begrudge him the desire. If by some farcical reason he was picked for the national side and inevitably got injured, I’d begrudge him going then most certainly. But you’d have to be a desperate French manager if you’re putting faith in Mr Glass.

Szczesny isn’t happy about not winning titles, which is kind of what your hope players say, but it’s still good to her. The players took a bit of a pasting when we secured fourth last season on the final day, but we’ve all known that it was more a relief of securing the minimum requirement, rather than the joy of winning the ‘fourth place trophy’. It’s the same with Wigan this year. We played poorly, were ten minutes away from losing a game we should have won, then did it on penalties. Victory in a penalty shoot out is always going to result in an overriding emotion of jubilation. But what’s important is the mentality of the players to win. Just look at Suarez yesterday. Sure, he cried like a baby without its rattle, but don’t you want that from your players? Don’t you want them to have put so much into a season that it feels like the end of the world if we’re not tasting victory? I certainly do and I hope being in contention for the league for such a long time gives the players that hunger to get even closer (hey – maybe even win it!) next season.

There’s also some stuff floating around today about Sagna being off to Chelski, but that doesn’t even bear thinking about right now, so I think I’ll just leave it.

Laters potatoes.

Mega early pre-match Chelski thoughts

Morning ladies and gents, I have decided to be massively premature in my blogulation this morning and hit you up with a mega early pre-match blog, that’s just how I roll.

It’s also because Ben has something special planned for the next couple of days and so I’ll leave the floor open to him tomorrow and on Saturday and give you some super pre-match thoughts. Well, the ‘thoughts’ aren’t so much super, it’s more the timing, but you knew that already, so I’ll just crack on then…

This weekend may be Arsene’s 1000th and quite an occasion, but nobody should be under any illusion on what exactly it means for our season in terms of the domestic league, because I truly believe that this weekend will set the course for the remainder of our Premier League season. A defeat closes all doors to the title in my opinion. We’d still have a game in hand over Chelski, but seven points adrift with just eight games to go is too much to expect – especially when you look at their run in. When you also consider that Moneychester City have so many games in hand – two of which they will most likely win and be on similar points to Chelski, I doubt we can expect to see too many teams around us that will all be dropping that many points.

A draw will keep us four points behind with a game in hand, which keeps us in the mix but again the thought process is similar to Liverpool and Moneychester City – I don’t think all of those teams will drop that many points. However, a victory, well, that puts us into ‘we all believe’ territory as it will take us a point behind Mourhino’s lot, with a midweek game against Swansea which could give us an opportunity to go top before we play City, which then becomes a clash in which a victory at home puts us in pole position.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this: I’m a bag of nerves at the moment. I’ve even got a bit of a dull ache in my stomach writing this blog, a full two days before the match even takes place, so lord knows what I’ll feel like come Saturday lunchtime.

If only we were at home, I’d be feeling a little (not a lot mind) more confident about getting the result. Wenger should have banished the Mourhino demons at The Emirates in December, but we came up against a ‘park the bus’ Mourhino and Giroud just wasn’t firing that day. It’s that flipping record that puts me off more than anything else. Never having lost a league game on home soil is quite impressive and, whilst I admit it has to happen at some time, there’s no doubt that the odds are not stacked in our favour for Saturday.

The only plus point is that we’ve had a full week off to recover from the defensive display against the Spuds. That game has now been put to bed and in the cold light of day we all have to admit that Chelski are a big step up from that lot, so if they get similar chances on Saturday we know they’ll take them. Also, the fact we’ve had a full weeks rest didn’t really stop us from putting in dire performances against Stoke or Liverpool, so I’m not going to be making any assumptions that we have any advantage on that front.

Obviously the down side to such an early preview blog is that I have no idea who will be selected and who is available from injury, but I’ll have a stab at it anyway, because I’m normally wrong even when I know who is in the squad! I suspect the back five will remain in tact and, after the performance on Sunday I think Arteta, Rosicky, Santi and The Ox will play, but against big strong defenders like Terry and Cahill, Olivier Giroud is going to be meat and drink, so I hope Arsene goes for pace in support of him by giving the Ox a run out on the wing and perhaps even Rosicky on the other side. That would probably leave room for Flamini to come in and with the Chelski danger men operating behind Eto’o, I think that added coverage is the right option. Of course, Podolski would drop to the bench and be a player I’d be looking to give twenty minutes to towards the end of the game depending on the result.

As for the Chavs, they’ve got the impressive Willian out suspended, along with the divey Ramirez, but it doesn’t really weaken them too much, as they’ll have Matic sitting in front of their back four and probably give a run out to the irritating Mikel, who loves getting away with snidey fouls against us and I’d expect the same treatment on Saturday. The real danger for us will be the attacking prowess of Hazard, Oscar, Schurrle and an Eto’o who seems to have suddenly picked up his striking boots, which is bloody annoying. Keeping those four at bag will be a massively challenge and without wanting to sound too pessimistic, I can’t see it happening.

If that is the case and our defensive walls are breached, then we need to counter by less profligacy in front of goal. The Ox needs to bury his chances, Giroud needs to be more active and a handful for the back two and Rosicky and Santi need to retain the ball and feed the attackers well. We can do it, of course, but this is by far the most pressurised league game we’ve had this season.

I’ll be wearing my lucky flat cap, so let’s hope I can make it three wins in a row with it on my head.

Catch you all on the other side.

Tipping the cap to Arsene’s gamble – Liverpool

Well happy Monday to you! Isn’t it a fine Monday for us to be sharing? I’m sure you feel the same, especially after a hard-fought home victory for The Arsenal. Yep, I’m feeling just fine and dandy, thanks to goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lukas Podolski to set us up with another big game in the FA Cup at home to Everton. Not quite content to see us have an easy ride, are they, these footballing Gods? That will have been three out of the top six we’d have had to beat to get to the semi’s where, you just know there will be Momeychester City lurking if we progress. Ah well, let’s count those chickens once they’ve actually hatched, eh?

As for yesterday, I think it only right we give Arsene a tip of the cap this Monday because let’s face it, when the team was announced yesterday there were plenty of mumblings of discontent. The feeling amongst a lot of the fanbase was that prioritising competitions wasn’t a luxury we could be afforded, yet with five or six changes to the first team (depending on who you think is a current starter), it seemed as though Arsene had decided that he would rather sacrifice the FA Cup than anything else.

Bringing in Jenkinson, Monreal and Sanogo wasn’t exactly thought of as a move we could really make, yet the managers faith in his squad to do the business was rewarded yesterday. I thought most of the team was superb yesterday. Jenks rarely put a foot wrong, Monreal had some wobbly moments at the start but grew into the game, whilst Sanogo have us the first glimpse of the promise that Arsene and his scouting network have seen.

He’s a big lad, isn’t he? Fending off Agger and Skyrtel is no mean feat, yet our Postman-in-waiting showed some great hold up play and even a couple of decent touches too, although he did have a couple of fresh air swings at the ball so you can see he’s a work in progress. It doesn’t mean he’ll be turning into the next Didier Drogba, but this was a rare start that showed he might just has something about him (providing he stays fit).

Indeed, it was the young Yaya who was instrumental in putting us in front in the first half, bringing the ball down under pressure from Skyrtel, rifling a shot against Gerrard’s back only for it to fall to The Ox to touch in. He was another fine performer on the day and in the opinion of the commentary team on BT Sport, the Man of the Match too, rightly in my opinion. All day his direct running caused a problem for the Liverpool team and his arrival from injury shortly after Theo was confirmed to be out for the season has been a timely re-introduction indeed. Arsene may see his long-term future in the middle of the park, but if short-term needs dictate him being deployed on the right of that three-pronged attack, then surely it is a case of ‘needs must’.

The second half gave us exactly what you need in a game against big rivals in the form of a Lukas Podolski goal which provided a two-goal buffer. Podolski too had a good game – penalty concession aside – and I jokingly tweeted an open letter to Arsene asking him to play Poldi more often. There is clearly the reluctance on the managers part to play our effective German, but yesterday he was imperious, running his socks off and supporting Monreal defensively, as well as once again providing a killer touch in the business end of the pitch. He must surely warrant more starts with performances like that, no? When you have such a clinical finisher, playing them in the big games is a no-brainer, because they will take the few chances afforded them. You don’t have to look too far – Giroud’s late miss on Wednesday from a Sagna cross – to see what an impact a natural born killer in front of goal can do.

I’ve singled out the squad players at the moment, but the regulars were also pretty darn good, don’t you know. Özil carried on from where he left off against United and looked like the Özil from the start of the season. It almost feels like he woke up Sunday morning last week, saw the savagery of the British tabloids, then decided to show them a footballing ‘f*ck you’ by making his mark on a couple of big games. Equally, the much maligned defence last week was back in its groove and deserved a clean sheet. Yes, the defence was breached in the second half, but if you take away the clumsy challenge of Poldi inside the box on Suarez, I don’t think our back four would have been breached. Both Per and Laurent looked shaky for the first ten minutes and Sturridge probably should have put Liverpool ahead, but it’s what we should have expected from a team whose game plan is to blitz opponents early and coast to victory, as opposed to our more cautious opening approach leading to pressure in the second half to breach the oppositions defensive line. Overall, defensively we looked strong once again and it bodes well for the upcoming tie against the best that Europe has to offer.

It would be remiss of me not to talk about the contentious decisions made by Howard Webb yesterday, for which both teams profited in different ways. There was most certainly a second penalty from The Ox on Suarez To which Howard had a perfect view, but one can only assume that the way the Uruguyan threw his body around, only counted against him. In unsurprisingly hypocritical manager form, Brendan Rodgers said he had no idea why it wasn’t a stone wall penalty, whilst following that up by saying Webb got it right when Gerrard scythed down the Ox shortly after that incident, for the ref to give a free kick but no second yellow. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but Liverpool fans bemoaning bias towards the home side would do well to remember their own fortune towards their skipper.

A word on Fabianski, another fine performer on the day who did nothing wrong in goal and even produced a fine stop when Sturridge was one-on-one and bearing down on goal. It’s clearly a frustration for him that he hasn’t had more game time, but the form of Szczesny is what it is, so if that means that Fabianski is playing in his last cup run for Arsenal, then I hope it’s a good one that sees him show just what he is capable of to potential buyers.

Overall you can hardly call it a ‘vintage’ Arsenal performance, but I’m getting used to this Arsenal side and their efficiency in victory. Last season United won the league at a canter with a side widely described as ‘average’, yet nobody could argue that they weren’t efficient in winning game after game. If somebody could tell me now that I had to watch Arsenal grind out 2-0 after 2-0 between now and the end of the season, but there’d be something shiny at the end of it, I’d bite their hand off and start working away on the arm until I hit the shoulder.

Onwards and upwards, towards a tantalising Wednesday night time against Bayern, where there might just be some revenge to speak of on Thursday.

There are those chickens again.

Liverpool: We shouldn’t rotate, but we should ‘freshen up’

Today’s an interesting game to call, isn’t it? I mean, on the one hand you have an Arsenal team that have had their pants pulled down by Liverpool just over a week ago, which could either lead to a bit of fear from the players that take to the field today in red and white, yet on the other hand you sense that those players will want to prove that last week really was an anomaly and will therefore be extra up for the match this afternoon.

Likewise, you have a Liverpool team that will no doubt be buoyed by that 5-1 drubbing of us last week, as well as a last-gasp winner against Fulham on Wednesday. But equally, that’s a Liverpool tea that will surely be wary of our need to prove that last week could not be repeated, as well as the fact that defensively they still concede some sloppy goals.

I honestly don’t know which two teams will take to the field today, which makes this game impossible to call, so I don’t think I will!

In November Brendan Rodgers got his tactics wrong at the Emirates and a couple of goals from Santi and Aaron gave us a comfortable 2-0 win. He readdressed that last week by catching us cold and tactically outperforming Arsene with pace, with and a lightning quick start. He will obvious want to replay last weekend’s game in terms of the two styles, but the challenge he’ll have is making sure his team make another quick start. That’s where we have to make sure that, true to our home form this season, we are strong and compact in defence and we avoid the suicidal high line that cost us so dearly at Anfield. We’ve made a habit this season of starting games slowly and building our momentum throughout, so the blueprint is there for success: don’t let. Liverpool catch us cold in that first 15 to 20 minutes.

Thankfully, we are at home today, which I’m sure will help the Arsenal lads that take to the field because the home fans will want the sweet smell of revenge just as much as the players. We’ll need to be noisy and loud and – cliched as it may sound – be that twelfth man to ensure we navigate this very tough fifth round tie.

There’s been a lot of talk amongst Gooners and the press about the possibility of Arsene resting a few players today in prep for the arrival of Bayern on Wednesday. Personally I hope that Arsene is tempted to make wholesale changes. I hope, if anything, that he takes this game more seriously than the Bayern one, because I am a pragmatist and I think we have a better chance of silverware in this competition than in the Champions League, so I don’t really want to see wholesale changes. I know it’s not a thought process I’m alone with either, as Dave over at 1 Nil Down 2 One Up also talks about in his match preview he wrote yesterday.

Having said that, I do think Arsene needs to freshen it up from Wednesday’s draw against United, because we looked lethargic and short of ideas going forward in that second half. There has been plenty of online column inches provided by Gooners and journos alike bemoaning our lack of pace in attack, as well as runners in beyond Özil, so I hope that Arsene sees today’s game as an opportunity for Gnabry and Podolski to operate either side of the loan front man. Whether or not that is Giroud is remains to be seen and I wonder if Arsene will be tempted to start Bendtner to see if he can perform against the scousers.

In midfield Jack hasn’t had the greatest of weeks and I’d be tempted to go for a rotated two in the middle of the park of Flamini and The Ox. Matthieu has just sat out over a weeks worth of football and so will be fresh and Alex’s performance against Crystal Palace could mean he’s given another chance to shine. Alternatively, he could look at giving the effervescent Rosicky a run in the middle of the field, as we all know Arsene loves giving Tomas a shot in some of the big games. He usually performs well too.

As for Liverpool, I’m expecting the exact team that played us at Anfield last Saturday, why wouldn’t we? They smashed us to pieces with their pace and width and Rodgers will no doubt believe he has found the blueprint to beat Arsenal. That’s what worries many of us about the result today too I think, because defeat at home today will raise a lot of questions as to where we’re going right now, as well as the possibility that teams have worked out how to get at this Arsenal team.

The other worry is that Liverpool have seen what United do and play for a bore-draw to take it back to Anfield to finish the job. Let’s face it, they don’t have the fixture pile up through European competition and so don’t have as much to worry about in terms of a replay, so I’m sure if you offered it to Liverpool fans and the manager himself, he’d probably take it and try to replicate the home demolition of us in the league.

Unfortunately for me, my own current circumstances have dictated that I cannot make the game, so I’ll be watching it through the horror-show that is BT Sport in a local pub. But I hope that we can get the result we need because so far, this current ‘DEATHRUN1′ has not been ‘so good’.

Come on you Gunners!

Jose wants his ball back; we need club solidarity

That Jose Mourhino’s a funny fella, isn’t he? He reminds me of the kid back in primary school that thought he was popular, but everyone really hated him because he was a total hypocrite and couldn’t take it when somebody dished it back to him. Or in secondary school when there was this small kid who was playing for Charlton’s youth team who, when he had the ball would dance around you and you couldn’t tackle him because he’d get the hump and want to start a fight, yet when he didn’t have the ball in the playground he always went in a little to late and a little too hard.

Yesterday, Arsene did the Premier League equivalent of rob him of the ball on the playground and start dribbling with it, as he tried on a bit of the mind games for size and yes, unsurprisingly Jose didn’t like it and accused Arsene of being a ‘specialist in failure’. I’ve got no problem with the Portuguese running his mouth off, much like I have no problem with Arsene spicing it up a bit, although yesterday was another classic example of Le Boss being asked a question and giving his opinion. As opposed to the Irritating One who will venture an opinion that suits his agenda whether or not he’s been asked a question designed to illicit a spicy response or not.

I do have a problem with his hypocrisy though. ‘If you can’t take it, don’t dish it’ my mum used to say and the Chelsea manager should probably have his wife tattoo that motto on his forearm to remind him every day.

I’ve got to say though, I hope that the war of words doesn’t offer any kind of distraction, or that we end up falling foul of those annoying Chavs by seeing them win the league. We don’t normally have football karma falling on our side like they do, so I don’t like tempting fate by hearing that Arsene is having a bit of a poke at some of the other playground kids, because we usually end up with the bloodied nose that, in this instance, would be a trophyless campaign.

Anyway, Arsene extols the virtues of focusing only on ourselves and I should take his lead for the rest of today’s blog, focusing on Arsene related news, because that’s all we ever want to talk about, right? The man himself had his press conference yesterday and spoke about the return of the Flamster, who I think will play against the scousers tomorrow, as well as the fact that Santi was ill in bed and might be a doubt for Sunday. If that does turn out to be true it will be a blow, but hopefully it will give Podolski an opportunity to get some game time in a big match. To my mind he’s a big game player and, whatever Arsene’s reasons for not favoring him any more, you can’t help but think that if he plays he’ll have an impact at some stage. With every passing game it appears obvious that the manager doesn’t fancy him and he’ll be shipped out in the summer, but when you have such a clinical weapon in your team, you’d be foolish not to use him.

His press conference also brought a little bit of information about Sagna too. And when I mean ‘little’ I really mean ‘little, because all Arsene said was ‘no he’s not close to signing. IT’s an ongoing process’. I think it’s fair to say that ‘ongoing process’ includes some succession planning for next season, because we’ve seen this before and the story only ends one way: an exit from the club. I just hope that Sagna doesn’t get a call from United, City, Liverpool or any other English based club, because I think we all still believe that Sagna has a good couple of years in front of him and it would be very difficult to watch him play for an opponent week-in, week-out in the Premier League next season.

I also thought the rhetoric from Arteta was interesting yesterday, as it appeared on the official site, with Mr Lego-hair calling for all players, management, directors and fans to stick together at this time. It was interesting because, off the back of the United draw, there was some booing that took place inside the stadium – reaction to the frustration of not turning over an average United team of course – but when senior players like tricky Mickey are making comments like that on the site it shows that the reaction of the crowd clearly plays a big part in the mentality and response of the team. Indeed, I saw some people on Twitter state that Big Per looked visibly disappointed when the game finished and he was clapping the home support, yet getting that reaction. Hey, I’m not going to pretend that I’m ‘holier than thou’ and that I’ve never booed – I have and it’s always in the heat of the moment to which I usually regret a few hours afterwards – but I think our Spaniard is right and we need to show solidarity if we’re going to get through this season with silverware.

Arsene also made comments about the importance of the fans too, but did temper his comments by saying that the players need to justify the faith that the fans put in. I don’t know why, but I’ve said a few times now that the atmosphere has changed over the last year. It was as if the Bayern home game left us all so deflated, so rock bottom, that we all took a long hard look at ourselves and said ‘well, it can’t get any worse, we might as well cheer our hearts out even when the team is playing shocking’. Thankfully, that mentality seems to have remained over the last year (with the help of some remarkable consistency too, mind) and was recognised by Le Boss when he admitted that the fans were behind the team even at 4-0 down against Liverpool last weekend. I think those kind of moments have a big impact on the players and I suspect they’ll want to repay the faith on Sunday afternoon.

Let’s just wait and see.

Believing the post-match PR stuff

Still feeling the stinging sensation of Saturday’s mauling? I know I am and, although I tried to take comfort in the fact that United looked far from invincible yesterday against Fulham, the shambles at Anfield still remains fresh in my memory. Even when I close my eyes I still see that Sturridge goal and how our defence parted like the Red Sea, as if that image has been burned into the back of my retinas, leaving a scar that will take a long time to heal.

It feels like I’ve been on the most massivest of massive all weekend benders, had a day to recover and yet still don’t feel like my usual self.

I wonder what the players are feeling today? Anger? Frustration? Fear? Crisis of confidence? Whatever it is, I hope they have enough of it to jolt them into a response. And do you know what? I hope they use ‘DEATHRUN1′, as the Arseblogger calls it, to their advantage. By playing another big team so soon, the players that quite frankly didn’t bother showing up on Wednesday, have the opportunity to wrestle back some vitally needed confidence against United and then follow up the rebuilding process by beating Liverpool. Life moves at the speed of light in the football world and if we have two wins to speak of by this time next Monday, then all will be forgotten and forgiven before we entertain Bayern at the Emirates.

Three home games in a row, three tough matches, three wins will mean some very happy Arsenal fans.

Tricky Mickey has followed in The Ox’s footsteps by speaking about the way the team react to the defeat and pick ourselves up. I suppose a positive of the setbacks we’ve had this season has been our ability to avoid a football hangover carrying on for a number of games and the fact that Arteta highlights the teams earlier season successes shows that the players know and feel they can react. If that is the mindset of all players then the hope is that we’ll not just see a reaction on Wednesday night, but we’ll get a fire and brimstone rain of pain delivered upon our next opponents. What we want to see is an Arsenal side so intent on exorcising the demons of Saturday 8th February that they try and replicate what was done to them.

I also took comfort in what Arteta said when he spoke about ‘helping each other out’ in fixing the problems. We’ve seen the Denilson, Clichy, Djourou post match PR comments after a poor display, but they all sound very similar. Hearing comments like “we know we need to improve”, “we have to show what we are capable of” and “it’s up to us” are all par for the course in the modern day post-match interview, but when Arteta mentions the teams desire to support one another through their current issue, it’s not something that I felt like I’ve read before. That’s probably because I believe it. The team has shown a togetherness this season that has formed the foundation of our success. It has meant that players have been able to step in amongst a barrage of injuries and feel like part of the first team squad which, in turn, has seen players like Gnabry and Jenkinson step up and ‘do a job’. So yes, I do believe Mickey when he talks about responding and yes, it does make me believe that the team can and will respond well on Wednesday night.

They simply have to.

Before I knock off for the day, a wee bit of bonus material for you, because yesterday the lads recorded the Latest SG Podcast with Billy, the EducatedGooner, and Luke the Block32 Gooner, so have a listen to them and their dissection of what went wrong on Saturday. You know me well enough by now to know I’m useless at linking to things whilst tapping away on the old iPhone, so use the menu at the top of the page to listen to the latest Pod.

Catch you in the morrow.