Pummice stone the international break away

I must admit I watched last night’s En-ger-land game and had mixed reactions comes the final whistle yesterday. The positives were undoubtedly a brace of goals from Welbeck – one scuffed and one the epitome of perfect composure – whilst Jack Wilshere had a fine performance in the quarter back role that must have all gooners wondering whether we need to see Arteta and him at the base of the midfield on Saturday against United. But the disappointment comes in the lack of game time given to Walcott that won’t exactly help his recovery back to full fitness. Can you believe this? I’m actually wanting an Arsenal player to get on to the pitch for England. It’s an outrageous circumstance that makes me feel all dirty inside. In fact, post today’s blog, I’m showering, with an all over the body pumice stone rub.

Thankfully this desire to see Arsenal players trot out in white doesn’t extend any further than a fitness gathering exercise for Walcott, so I was pleased to see Chambers remain on the bench, as well as just five minutes afforded for The Ox. We now all just have to cross our fingers that Woy doesn’t through in as many Arsenal players as possible for the Scotland friendly on Tuesday night, because there’ll probably be a few of those north of Hadrian’s Wall that will be steaming in to tackles, so we could do without any more of our players being crocked. I think we’ve suffered enough this season for a lifetime.

One good piece of news was the confirmation from Debuchy that he is fit again now and is hoping to return in December. I am hoping that he is talking about the beginning of December, because if so it means we’ll start to bring together more of a first-choice back four in as little as two to three weeks. But the only downside is that Debuchy was, understandably, non-specific about when he’d return in December. A substitute appearance against QPR on Boxing Day, for example, would mean quite a lot of games needs to be played between now and then. Hopefully he’s being deliberately vague so as to surprise us all when Arsene names him in the squad for the Southampton game on Wednesday 3rd December. That would be sweeter than chocolate fudge cake sprinkled with Pop Tarts and drizzled with maple syrup.

Anyway, back to last night’s events and I have to say, I thought Welbeck had an impressive game with his two goals bagged. It will only do him the world of good in prep for a massive game against his former club and coupled with another good performance from Gibbs, I hope the confidence of the Arsenal players in that England team will help us when coming up against an old enemy in the shape of Man United. We need all the plus points we can grab on to at the moment, so my hope that we can see an Arsenal team that has players returning from international duty with confidence, as well as ready to strike back after another woeful display this season against Swansea, will work in our favour because we really do need a big win against a big team to stop our season from looking like it’s unravelling before November has even finished.

Perhaps, in some weird way, this International Break has actually worked in our favour, for a change? Only time will tell.

There’s not really a lot going on today, as you’d expect from an Arsenal point of view, so I’ll take my leave. I have to put up some of The Management’s thimble collection into wooden displays and hang them on the wall in thee downstairs loo. It is probably only a case of taking a few nails and smashing them into the plaster, but I’m no handyman, so it will most likely take the best part of Sunday.

Peace out.

More Micro-blogs: What’s wrong with The Arsenal (continued)?

The theme from yesterday continues, my valued Arsenal compatriot, with another batch of friends, colleagues, co-workers, or generally anybody that will talk to me about anything to do with football. Well, actually, not so much football, as it is 100% The Arsenal.

If you didn’t manage to tune in yesterday then you can relive the thoughts of fellow friends here, or you can scroll below and see what the latest round of colleagues make of the conundrum that is Arsenal. For those that missed yesterday, the background here is that after speaking to many different people about Arsenal in all walks of my life (boozer, online, work, etc), I decided to try and collate a series of responses to the simple question:

What’s wrong with The Arsenal?

I’ve asked contributors to provide just 50 words max, hence the term ‘micro-blog’ (which I think sounds kinda cool, but I’m sure someone will tell me it’s been done somewhere on the internet that I don’t ever visit) and have kept the question as broad ranging as I possibly good. Here is the latest thoughts from friends on what they think.


Ben Leeder

The key problem with all of Arsène’s squads, post-Highbury is a lack of standout character(s), to compensate for Arsène’s ‘Wengerball’ philosophy. Recently reading Amy Lawrence’s Invincible (A must buy) that side simply lived and breathed on the will to win and push one and other to that required level – I appreciate it isn’t the best example because it’s probably the greatest Arsenal team you or I will ever see, but you get my flow – We’ve seen you you can’t allow this squad (insert any of Emirates era teams) that much freedom when they need so much guidance.



Too heavy an emphasis on attack, tactical ineptitude at the back, injuries hitting us with the force of 2000 Hasselbaink backsides, an obstinate outlook from Wenger and failure to buy a defender in the summer. I still support though. I’m a SUPPORTer.


Gary Prince

Previous boards self interest, David Dein introducing Stan, the fall out and sale to Usmanov. Giving Arsene total control over football matters with no governance or overall control. A board happy to “make do”.

A manager without question or challenge, refusing to accept another’s opinion or adapt to changing circumstances.


Dave Seagar

Apart from the obvious injury woes I would say – Don’t pick out of form players hoping they will play themselves into form (AR & SC) Change the policy of FBs being wingers. Let them defend and stay as back 4 and allow Theo, Ox or Campbell to provide pace and width which is the key.


Block 5 Gooner

You can blame players for poor performances but a whole team? That would suggest an issue with motivation or tactics. Never been a fan of throwing away money but equally having a ‘make do’ attitude is negligent. Then there’s the ‘going AWOL’ tactics. Works most of the time except when we face quality opponents.
It pains me to say but I’m afraid Wenger is the problem.


Garrulous Gooner

We have heard for many seasons how we lack a commanding presence on the field. I think we require to world-class footballers to make us a real force. A central defensive partner for Koscielny, and a more naturally defensive midfield player. Their intelligence and leadership qualities are equally as important as their footballing abilities; the sense and authority to say to their full-backs and midfield partner respectively “Don’t you leave my side for the next 10 minutes, and then we’ll go from there.” I doubt it’d be in that language, but you get the gist.

Hand-in-hand with in-game management goes flexibility, and, unfortunately, our team currently mirrors our manager in that sense.


Hannah Feiner (a Legal Bod at my work)

Firstly, what’s right? The hard-work ethic of Alexis Sanchez. The man simply does not give up. Creates opportunity out of nowhere. What’s wrong? Utter complacency. A football team, shockingly, consists of eleven players. They all have a part to play. If everyone had the Sanchez mentality we’d be, well, invincible…

Mean Lean

50 words? gee thanks Chris.
Truth is, I don’t think there is a simple solution to the question. There are many factors at play here such as Arsene’s style of play which means a lack of a proper pre season hits us more than most. Injuries, lack of defensive options and poor individual form have cost us dear. This squad is better than we’ve seen I’m convinced of that. Whether you think Arsene’s time is up or not, it doesn’t matter too much for me because this squad should perform better than the one that finished seven points off the title last season along with winning the FA Cup


That’s yer lot. Well? What do you think? Having read the mixture of these views over the last couple of days it’s quite clear that nobody really has a silver bullet on what is going wrong. Football is a clearly subjective topic matter, in the sense that very rarely do we see anything in black and white. For what it’s worth, I do think that Arsene, having accumulated so much power, now has to accept that ultimately he is the one most culpable when we fail as a club. There are always mitigating factors, other issues and elements that are beyond his control, but rarely does much at The Arsenal fall outside of his control, so I think that he is the one that ultimately has to right the wrongs in order for us to be successful this season.

Thanks to all the contributors of the micro-blogs over the last couple of days. I’ll buy you all a pint. Of water.

Closing space is essential against Swansea

Swansea away today will be a test, of that I’m sure, which is why I’m more than a little apprehensive of our back four.

It’s not just down to Nacho Monreal that our form and frequency of goals conceded has greatly increased from last season. Per Mertesacker has to step up too and, with Arteta injured today, he needs to demonstrate his leadership abilities by marshalling the defence and keeping the unit tighter together. Also, with Arteta out, it will be incumbent on Matthieu Flamini to drastically improve his form today if we want to stay resolute at the back. Defending is not the sole preserve of the back four; it has to be a team effort that starts from the forward players and works backwards. Thankfully in Welbeck and Alexis we have so players who will press higher up the pitch, but should Santi and Rambo start again in midfield, we need to see more from them from the defensive side as much as the offensive. On Tuesday night the warning signs were there in the first half. There were two or three breaks from Anderlecht players where massive areas of the middle of the park were left free for purple-shirted players to run in to. It simple wasn’t acceptable and I remember see Arteta have a bit of a shouty moment in that first half at his fellow midfielders for not closing the space.

Today we have to be able to be more compact as a team and use our fantastic pace to counter Swansea at lightning speed. We simply must ensure that the area of the park in front of our back four is looked after. In the absence of Arteta, that must mean Flamini, but I’m also looking in the direction of Rambo too. He has to get back to basics and do the simple things first. Win tackles, close down space, distribute the ball to a red shirt effectively. That’s what we need to see from our Welshman. Who knows, maybe the return to Wales and the inevitable booing of a Cardiff boy in Swansea, will give more motivation for Rambo to have a great game. I certainly hope so.

As for the other free spot in the team, I think Arsène will play The Ox again. He was decent enough against Anderlecht and his goal will give him plenty of confidence to take into this game. He’s also more of a willing runner when it comes to tracking back, so I think that will remain in his favour and Arsène will name an unchanged side from Tuesday. Personally, I’d be tempted to put Rosicky in, perhaps over Santi, but I don’t think Arsène is in that frame of mind, so expect to see a grumpy looking Tomas this afternoon on the subs bench.

As for Swansea, they’re two scary players are clearly Bony and Gylfi Sigurdsson. I would say Shelvey as well, but that’s less to do with his play and more to do with his overall appearance. And anyway, he’s suspended today. Sigurdsson is the real gem though. The Swansea team looks to be at its best when he is pulling the strings and he looks like he has a telepathic understanding with Bony. That’s why I think it will be essential that we close down space in front of our back four, because that is where Sigurdsson will look to operate and find those balls for Bony in front of our back four.

Nacho is going to need to be strong too, because Bony will look to play off him as much as possible I’d expect.

I don’t want to come across as too much of a neg this morning, but I simply don’t see us not conceding today, which is why the front three will have to get us at least two goals I think to win the game. My hope is that Swansea are as low on confidence as we are – having not won in six games – but the trouble you have with a big team is that sides like Swansea really get themselves up for games against the top three or four, so you know that they’ll look to come out the blocks quickly and try and stun us into silence.

It’s never been easy playing Swansea and they have a good record against us, but if we think that there’s even the tiniest slither of hope of challenging for the league, this is a game that must be won. Heck, even to get our Champions League aspirations on track, we still need to get a win. We’ve had too many draws already this season so I’m hoping we’ll not be treated to another one today.

Come on Arsenal!

Per missing a friend, the team missing a ‘hunt in packs’ mentality?

Pre-match presser Friday is always useful for a humble blogger looking to make a half decent word limit. Unfortunately for me, my early morning blogs mean that I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning before pouring over every word that Arsène says.

But no matter, there is still plenty to talk about, starting with Per’s bold assertion on the official site that we will most certainly be bouncing back on Sunday afternoon. I’m glad to hear it, I must say, because it comes from a guy who I think will try his utmost to make amends for the defensive – his particularly – frailties – that we’ve exhibited to date. I don’t think it’s too unfair to say that we haven’t quite had the kind of form from our World Cup winning vice captain. He’s looked a little ropey at times since returning from his summer excursions and, as somebody has already pointed out to me since Tuesday evening, it was he who wasn’t quite ‘touch tight’ enough to his marker on the third goal. I had thought it was Monreal that was at fault in real time.

I don’t know whether or not it is the absence of his usual partner Koscienly, but he hasn’t quite looked his old self so far this season, which he of all people needs to address and quickly. On paper we’ve played four pretty poor teams since losing Kos, so this game has always looked like the first real test for our patchwork defence, so it’s one that I’ve not been wholeheartedly looking forward towards. There’ll be more by way of some kind of match preview over the weekend, but suffice to say I believe the game will be won or lost on the strength of us improving significantly defensively. If your forwards are regularly scoring twos and threes in games, you simply must have a defence that does not concede in the volume we’ve been shipping goals.

It’s a collective thing though, not just the sole responsibility of the back four, and Flamini also took to the official site this week to reiterate that point. He spoke about his role in shielding the back four, which we all know, but it’s not just him that needs to take that responsibility. I don’t know if it was somewhat of a dig at his fellow midfielders, but he also talked about defending and attacking more closely together as a team. The fact that we were in the 90th minute and still pushing Ramsey and Cazorla forward has clearly not escaped the attentions of our feisty Frenchman. His form may have been poor this season and he may be showing clear signs of a decline in his career, but he is right about defending more compactly as a unit. I remember seeing a couple of Barcelona teams rock up at the Emirates a few years ago and Guardiola’s men were the epitome of the phrase ‘hunt in packs’. When they pressed high up the pitch it was in twos and threes, which I think is the blueprint when you’re trying to get opponents notching up their own ‘unforced errors’ tally. A Ramsey hassling and harrowing a creative midfielder on the edge of our box, flanked by Flamini or one of the centre backs, is always going to see them make a mistake if they are pressed quickly enough. It’s human nature. The ‘fight or flight’ mode is triggered and most humans will choose ‘flight’ and try to release the ball without thinking clearly about where it’s going.

Perhaps that is exactly what we need to see when we talk about Ramsey getting back to doing ‘the basics’. He needs to get back to winning the ball, distributing the ball, running his arse off and finding positions in the box. Forget the flicks and tricks, just concentrate in getting in to the positions and the rest will come.

The team news for this weekend is no different to what we expected, but is perhaps better for the long term. With Giroud returning to the squad next week for training, as well as Arteta not as badly hamstrung as we thought, it all looks good for some key players returning after the international break. Heck, I’d probably go as far as to suggest that this particular Interlull has come at the perfect time for us. Even for someone like Walcott, who has just come back from injury and will no doubt get a few minutes under his belt both this weekend and then the following weekend with England.

There’s little else really to talk about today, well, certainly not this early on a Friday. I’m sure we’ll get some soundbites from Arsène after the presser, but I’ll just have to wait to hear what he thinks of Swansea until after my days struggle as a desk jockey in the Big Smoke.

Catch you tomorrow.

Anderlecht: no complacency

Regardless of the disappointing (but ultimately successful) performance against Anderlecht a couple of weeks ago, tonight is a game that we should for all intents and purposes, be looking at building an assailable lead with a nice bumper goal margin against Anderlecht at home.

We may still be a little short defensively, but the Belgian champions showed that whilst their effort could be praised on home soil, their ability was limited. That our match came down to the dying seconds in Brussels was more down to our own performance than the performance of our hosts.

So tonight I am hoping that we see an Arsenal team well prepared, high on confidence, fluent going forward and no complacency defensively. We’ve got a good platform to build on. Back-to-back clean sheets in the Premier League – albeit against poor opposition – will instil a belief into players like Nacho Monreal and with Per improving with each game too, one hopes that The Arsenal can get the job done with plenty of time to spare tonight.

If we can pick up three points, then a Dortmund victory over Galatasaray will effectively render the group sewn up for both the Germans and us. I suspect that Dortmund will beat the Turks this evening and also dispatch Anderlecht in the next game, so whilst I understand the pressing desire for us to win the group and not inevitably face Bayern Munich or Barcelona, I don’t think there’s much we can do about it. I’m a fan of getting the group qualification sorted and then focusing on league and domestic cup travails, so if we do progress this evening I hope Arsène rotates in the final two games.

Who knows? He may just rotate tonight with one eye on the visit to the Liberty Stadium on Sunday afternoon. I’d be surprised if he did, because we’ve already nearly had our noses bloodied by a team perceived to be Champions League minnows, so to see a Capital One Cup style side rock out at The Emirates this evening would be a big surprise.

So I suspect we’ll see very little rotation from Saturday’s win against Burnley. He may decide to give Ramsey an outing instead of the mediocre Flamini (said statement of ‘mediocrity’ based purely on his performance at the weekend, rather than his overall ability), but I still expect to see Arteta, Cazorla, Welbeck, The Ox and man of the moment Alexis. Cazorla didn’t have the greatest of games at the weekend and will need to find that form of his first season to regain a longer-term position in the team. With Rosicky and Podolski chomping at the bit to get game time, not to mention Joel Campbell’s impressive cameos to date, there are a variety of different positions that could be taken from Santi and other players used in. And with the season as long as it is, Arsène must surely be looking at the competition in his squad and wondering if there is a bit of merit in rotation for games like this.

Perhaps I am being a little too dismissive of Anderlecht though. Here I am talking about qualification, rotation of players with a view to the weekend, as well as patronising comments like ‘minnows’. That is probably the exact level of mental complacency that nearly cost us last time out in this competition and as I sat on my sofa cursing the lacklustre effort of the players that evening, I should perhaps take a leaf from my own book (or blog), and show a little more respect.

Tonight we need to be on our game from the off. A clean sheet, a few goals and qualification from the group by the time the News at Ten comes on will be a massive confidence boost for the team. It would mean four wins on the trot and only one goal conceded and with the chance to make it five before the international break, would feel like our season is finally not spluttering before the turn of the year.

Jack looks set to miss out, which is a shame, whilst Francis Coquelin looks to have had his marching orders with a one-month loan spell at Charlton confirmed by the club. It’s a strange one because I’ve always rated Le Coq, but clearly Arsène just doesn’t fancy him. I think that one day it might just come back to haunt him as I think the guy has a very good career ahead of him. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Will Alexis once again prove to be our talisman? Weirdly, I hope not, because I want to see other players step up to the mark. As much as I’m getting to love Alexis more and more with each second he spends in an Arsenal shirt on the pitch, I do worry that there could be an unhealthy over-reliance on him, and we all know how worrying that is when you look at one guy to carry the hopes of the team and fans on his shoulders. It happened before with That Dutch Bloke and when all was not quite right at the club during that era, the players just looked to find him as often as possible. What we want is the same team ethic that was fostered in the Post-That Dutch Bloke era which, to be fair to the team, I think we have. We certainly have the players that are capable. Ramsey showed it last season, Walcott the season before, plus we have Welbeck, The Ox and let’s not forget our mercurial German, Mesut Özil.

I don’t think it will be easy tonight, but I do think we can make it look easy, especially if we score first and early.

Come on you Reds!

Huffing and puffing and loving Alexis

Sometimes in life you have to huff and puff and, I suppose we should all give some begrudging credit to Burnley, who certainly made us work for our three points yesterday.

As with modern day Arsenal, the game was never going to be made easy and whilst some teams are gifted penalties when they don’t play well, we are often made to toil. So it was that after a first half of near misses and a couple of ‘keeper saves (albeit right down his throat), we had to wait until the last 20 minutes or so before the floodgates were opened. If ever there was an example of how confidence can grow with smaller away teams visiting the Emirates, then evaporate so quickly after the dam has been broken, it was this weekend. Up until Sanchez nodded in the first of our three goals, I had wondered out loud to Ian whether or not we’d ever break the deadlock. At half time he was unashamedly confident that we would. Then, as he stated at half time, as the resistance was broken the Burnley defence fell apart and we were allowed the afternoon that we’d all hoped for.

Alexis Sanchez though, eh? He is fast becoming the star player in this Arsenal side and when things don’t work out he is there to pick up the pieces. Last season Liverpool were carried by Suarez at times and whilst comparisons have been made between the Chilean and Uruguayan’s all-action style, with the amount of goals Alexis is threatening to get this season, it’s hard not to foresee us looking back at 2014/15 and seeing him as the North London, less bitey, equivalent. Another two goals (that’s ten for the season in all competitions), another spritely performance, another three we points he’s helped us secure. What a player.

Before that however, there were some frustrations, namely that we started very slow and lethargic and spent the first 15 minutes showing Burnley way too much respect, popping the ball around but never really threatening to do any real damage. The last 15 of the first half saw us spring to life a little more and both Welbeck and Sanchez had decent enough chances. I don’t know why we aren’t coming out and blitzing these teams from the off. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence defensively? Perhaps we are so concerned at keeping it tight at the back after a number of lapses this season, that keeping the score at 0-0 is almost as suitable for our defence as it is the opposition these days. I can understand that; we’re still very makeshift and whilst Monreal is looking ok at the back, can’t we all be a little bit glad that we haven’t seen some of the bigger teams have a go at our back four?

Perhaps it’s that conservatism defensively that saw Arsène opt once again for the double pivot of Flamini and Arteta. Personally I don’t see the need when you’re playing a side that won’t create too many offensive chances away from home, but if Arsène’s decision making is based on us not conceding and winning games with clean sheets, then perhaps I shouldn’t complain too much.

His goal aside, I thought Chambers had a decent game too, actually. He got forward plenty of times and put a host of good balls into the box, and his finish for the goal had himself as surprised as the rest of us, that he was the man in the poachers position in the six yard box. Supposedly he was told by Arsène that he’d get a minimum of 20 to 25 games this season. I reckon he could add an extra 10 to 15 to that at least, and for each game he grows even more impressive.

Elsewhere in the side Welbeck had a good game, so too did all of the back four. Arteta and Flamini looked ok, but the biggest cheer of the day was reserved for the arrival of Theo, who had the last 12 minutes to get back into the swing of things. It was, by all accounts, a very good cameo and he showed glimpses of returning as impressively as he was playing before he got injured in January. His arrival will signal more options for us going forward and the pace of a front three that has Welbeck, Walcott and Alexis is certainly something to salivate over.

Even Poldi got on and looked impressive, hammering a shot against the post which I think is still vibrating now, such was the ferocity of the shot. He’s a fantastic impact player and whilst he won’t like it that way, he is definitely one we need to be using a little bit more. He will get goals this season. Make no mistake about that.

I’ve gotta say though, can somebody have a word with our corner takers? It’s not the most difficult task in the world and yet we seem to make corners look like the rubix cube of the football world. First man every time. I don’t know why we don’t just put a load of players at the front post – at least then we might be able to retain possession a bit better!! Sure, we scored yesterday that was a passage of play from a corner in Chambers’ goal, but we must have had another 15 chances from corners that hardly ever even beat the man at the front post.

Anyway, on a day in which you win 3-0 you can hardly complain that we didn’t take our chances, so I’ll finish off today’s blog with the positivity that is our current winning streak: three in a row and an opportunity to make it four on Tuesday night. Peace out.

Defenders, injuries, and Arsene’s Gordon Bombay impression

There’s literally nothing going on in the Arsenal world today. Like, nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. It makes providing daily musings on all things Arsenal quite a challenge you know. But, I do it because it’s my bit of fun really, so I shouldn’t complain. It’s not like my life is dependent on ensuring that information about Arsenal is syndicated to you regularly, so when there’s nothing on, there’s nothing on. Except, I do actually want there to be something to talk about. Got any ideas?

From an injury point of view I suppose there’s always something to talk about. Hypothesizing on why we have this many injuries, who is injured at the moment and why the club haven’t come out and told us about the latest couple to hit the team – Gibbs and Arteta. The former has been speculatively quoted as six weeks on the sidelines, but the latter is expected to be a shorter injury lay off. Either way, both are quite injury-prone players and with our defence thread-bare as it is, it does leave the decision to have minimal playing staff in that part of the pitch quite baffling. We all know that Gibbs is injury-prone. Likewise too, after Koscienly was carrying a knock from the World Cup we all knew it was only a matter of time. I fully expect Mertesacker to break in half, bursting into flames, whilst an inexperienced fireman throws an unknown liquid on him which turns out to be paraffin against Burnley on Saturday afternoon.

Arteta too is of the age where he should be viewed as squad rotation, not first choice, purely based on his injury record more than his actual ability. Against Sunderland I thought he played very well and kept us ticking over, but I think we’re likely to see a lot more knocks and injuries to him over the next six months, so that we don’t have another option aside for Flamini (or both if we’re looking to cover our ailing defence?) is crazy in the least. And I know crazy. At the in-laws this weekend I was given a salsa called ‘Crazy Fred’s’ and it had scotch bonnets in it. So I’m well versed in the art of the insane.

There is always transfer guff I could speculate on, I suppose, but really? Do we really have to be subjected to the kind of rubbish about Pedro handing in transfer requests so he could join us? He’s a good player but what on earth would we do with another wide forward? Are we stockpiling them for some kind of nuclear footballing holocaust? Or are we going to do some kind of inverted ‘Flying V’ formation that see’s us playing with hardly any defenders any more so we can all just on-rush the opposition straight from any set play, kick-off, corner, etc? Actually, given our reluctance to purchase cover at the back, perhaps I’m on to something there. Arsene Wenger is playing the Emilio Estevez ‘Gordon Bombay’:

“Keep swingin’ Charlie and maybe you’ll give the goalie a cold”

I don’t even bother clicking on the links on NewsNow any more. It’s 99% transfer trash and never leads to any real insight. You’d do better trying to learn the art of divination through tea-leaves than use any online media source for your insight into who Arsenal are going to sign.

Anyway, like I said, relatively little on so I’m going pause, reflect, then eat something for my breakfast.