Goals in our strikers, but not consistency

Happy Friday to you all. Hope it finds you in good form.

Form. That most illusive of things that every football team strives for, yet very few achieve on a consistent basis throughout the season. Arsenal have never really hit the form that we’d all hope from the team this season, stuttering every few weeks, so it makes it all the harder to work out where this team is at. If you are a stat person, you’ll see the goals we’ve scored and some of the games where we’ve racked up goals and think that as an attacking threat we are quite potent. After all, we have Lukas Podolski on eleven goals for the season, Olivier Giroud on eleven, Theo on 16 and even Santi has bashed in eight this season. When you consider I haven’t even included to mention Gervhino (five) it appears as though we have quite a potent attacking threat.

When the full time whistle went on Wednesday I’m sure most gooners were over the moon with the performance – I know I was – yet doubt still remains as to whether our attacking options are strong enough. It’s where the heart of the frustration lies for us Arsenal fans and all gravitates towards that ‘f’ word ‘Form’. Much like the team themselves, our strikers have gone from sublime to benign in less than a week on a number of occasions recently. Not just this week gone by, but consider how we tore apart Newcastle, only to be blunted by a steady but hardly spectacular Southampton.

Our strikers need to move away from the Theo Walcott style ‘consistency in patches’ from last season and just to a simple ‘consistent’ in all matches. On Sunday just gone we had a problem with our striking options beyond Giroud. Before he left for the African Cup of Nations Gervhino was out of form, and Podolski has blown hot or cold quite a lot this season. That’s why I still advocate an additional top-notch striker to come in to the club. As good as Giroud was on Wednesday, we can’t lose sight of the fact that he was pretty absent on Sunday, so my hope is that Arsene isn’t sticking with his cards he already has in his hands. He needs to pick up an ace to make sure he gets his full house.

What could have happened on Sunday if we’d have had another option to throw up top? Even an option that could play alongside Giroud? Surely it must be something Le Boss is considering?

Anyway, we’ll know within the next week, as the transfer window slams shut and we’re left to wonder why we haven’t signed anybody (a realism I’m slowly coming to terms with – albeit disappointedly), or how our new players will perform with their new team mates.

There didn’t seem to be any team news on the official site yesterday, so I suspect Le Boss will be having his press conference at some stage today. More on the team to face Brighton tomorrow, plus his inevitable reaction to being asked about players, and the stock responses of ‘we’ll let you know when we’ve signed somebody’ and ‘we were never in for him’.

That’s it from me today peeps. Speak tomorrow.